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Benefits of a Holistic Treatment Plan

Holistic treatment lives up to its name by caring for the whole person. Truly natural care treats not only the body and its symptoms of disease and injury but also the mind and spirit. What are the benefits of an overall holistic treatment plan?

A holistic treatment plan evaluates the patient’s lifestyle from all angles, delving into the diet, stress levels, exercise, sleep habits, spiritual preferences, and more.

A key benefit is the patient’s role in treatment from the start. Conventional medicine places doctors clearly in charge. Natural medicine or homeopathy partners with patients at every step. The focus is on the patient’s own ability to heal and the choices they can make to promote healing and improving health.

Holistic treatment sees the person, not the problem. “Holistic physicians expend as much effort in establishing what kind of patient has a disease as they do in establishing what kind of disease a patient has,” says the American Holistic Health Association.

Depending on a patient’s specific needs, natural medicine and holistic therapies can relieve pain, improve range of motion and flexibility, revamp nutrition, and calm the mind. Joints, muscles, circulation, respiration, and skin all can benefit. Beyond these benefits lie others that make integrative, natural medicine more patient-centered:

  • The focus on the individual—not just the conditions or symptoms—means the patient has more control and closer cooperation with practitioners.

  • A natural treatment plan evaluates the patient’s lifestyle from all angles, delving into the diet, stress levels, exercise, sleep habits, spiritual preferences, and more. This allows the patient-practitioner partnership to uncover how stress, unbalanced eating, disturbed sleep, or other factors that connect to physical problems.

  • Patients can choose a wide, time-tested range of treatment options. Holistic practices include massage therapy, acupuncture, natural homeopathy, cryotherapy, cupping, dry needling, sound therapy, and much more. Practitioners like Integrative Family Acupuncture & Massage Therapy tailor treatments to individual wellness goals.

  • Because holistic medicine uses natural supplements, it doesn’t add pharmaceuticals to the body. Holistic treatments don’t replace essential medications, but in some cases, patients might find they need less or no medication.

  • Holistic treatment plans don’t stop when the pain ends or a condition clears up. Patients see holistic doctors not only when there’s a problem but also when they’re doing well, to ensure their lifestyle stays healthy and balanced.

  • Holistic treatment can be less expensive than conventional approaches.

  • Increasingly, insurance plans view holistic care and wellness programs as beneficial, both for their results and because they promote self-care, which can reduce medical costs. Patients seeking natural treatment might find their insurance covers it.

For the best holistic treatment care in Smithtown and Suffolk County, NY, talk to us at Integrative Family Acupuncture & Massage Therapy today. We are integrative medicine specialists in Long Island New York that are dedicated to your whole self’s health.

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  1. It’s interesting how a holistic approach takes many lifestyle factors like sleep and eating habits into consideration. I have been dealing with some joint pain lately, but I would like to avoid the use of hard painkillers. Holistic medicine seems like a good alternative, especially since it tries to identify the root cause of the issue rather than covering the symptoms.

  2. It was interesting when you explained that holistic health treatments can be less expensive than traditional methods of healing. Would it be a good idea to visit a holistic dermatologist when you are dealing with skin issues? It seems like the skin would benefit the most from natural healing, so visiting a holistic dermatologist makes sense.

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