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Smithtown, NY Non-Needle Acupuncture

Non-needle therapy is an alternative to traditional acupuncture and may be preferred for those who have an aversion to acupuncture needles. It can also be used for children, the elderly or those who have a compromised immune system. Some may even consider using non-needle acupuncture with traditional acupuncture to heighten the results.*

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Types of Non-Needle Acupuncture We Offer

Laser Acupuncture (low level laser therapy): The stimulation of acupuncture points with non-thermal, low-intensity laser irradiation.*

Cupping: Heated cups will be applied to the skin along the meridians of the body, creating suction to stimulate the flow of energy in the body.*

Localized Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy wellness includes applying a controlled amount of cold air to an affected area to help reduce inflammation, swelling or pain.*

Ear Seeds: Small black seeds from a vaccaria plant will be secured to the ear on specific acupuncture points that connect to different organs and systems within the body.*

Sound Therapy: Sound healing therapy is used to help restore harmony and balance to the body’s biological rhythms and processes. Sessions often include the use of tuning forks, energy chimes, bells, vocal toning and rattles.*

Ultrasonic Massage: This therapy works to stimulate tissue with the help of soundwaves for injuries or issues such as inflammation, muscle strains or runner’s knee.*

Moxa Therapy: Also known as moxibustion, this form of heat therapy focuses on using dried plant materials called “moxa” that are burned on or near the skin’s surface. This is meant to invigorate the flow of Qi throughout the body.*

Electric Stimulation: To perform electric stimulation, we use a non-needle therapeutic device called the Acutron. This machine utilizes probe pads that produce electrical frequencies, light wavelengths, and polarities for each individual patient’s condition.*

The Difference Between Needle and Non-Needle Acupuncture

The main difference between needle and non-needle acupuncture is the method of stimulating joints and energy flow through acupuncture meridians. With traditional acupuncture, also known as needle acupuncture, stimulation is achieved through the application of fine needles at acupuncture points. While non-needle acupuncture focuses on microcurrent frequencies and vibrational healing without the use of needles.*

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