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Integrative Family Wellness is an acupuncture, massage therapy and cryotherapy practice serving Greater Smithtown and all of Long Island. Our providers offer comprehensive holistic care out of our convenient office location with incredibly short wait times. We focus on providing customized care programs for our patient’s individual needs.

Acupuncture ​

When it comes to Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of our specialties at our Smithtown office includes Acupuncture.


Massage Therapy doesn’t just boil down to one simple definition, and it doesn’t serve just one purpose.


Remember the last time you experienced an injury, and reached for an ice pack? Technically,

Non-needle Acupuncture

Non-needle therapy is an alternative to traditional acupuncture and may be preferred for those who have an aversion to acupuncture needles.


Your acupuncturist will strategically place round jars (either glass, plastic or bamboo) on numerous trigger points on your body for suction release.

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy session is used to affect your brainwaves – patterns of electrical activity that are created by the billions of neural cells in our brains.

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic Acupuncture can help to promote natural looking enhancements to your skin over time.

Ear Seeds

Are you familiar with auriculotherapy? When it comes to auriculotherapy, a practitioner will apply pressure to different acupuncture

UltraSonic MassagE

With the deep muscle massager, the thumper, this is an add-on to acupuncture and is often used for managing pain.

Natural Allergy Elimination

This type of Therapy can help reduce adverse reactions to food or environmental factors like eggs, milk, peanuts, aspirin and many other environmental agents.*

Topical Herbal Therapy​

Topical herbal therapy is an adjunct therapy for pain management. Herbal Medicine includes using parts of a plant to reduce.

Active Stretch Release​

During any stage of your life and especially before any physical activity, you’ve most likely been told to stretch.