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Dry Needling

Is dry needling a good option? Have you ever felt a knot in a tight muscle? A tender spot? These could be trigger points—knots that can not only be painful but can cause pain in other parts of your body.

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Dry needling treats trigger points by inserting a thin needle directly into the knot, setting off reactions in your body that can relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve muscle function. At Integrative Family Wellness in Smithtown, NY, we provide dry needling as part of your overall wellness program.

Dry Needling Isn’t Acupuncture

Don’t confuse it with acupuncture. Acupuncture, rooted in ancient Chinese medicine, places needles at designated points to unblock the body’s flow of Qi (or energy). Dry needling, based in 20 -century Western medicine, inserts needles into trigger points that are different in each person.

Many practitioners use this treatment option, from physical therapists and general practitioners to osteopaths, and chiropractors. Some acupuncturists perform dry needling too.

Why “dry”? These aren’t hollow needles used for liquid injections, but ultra-thin steel designed for pinpoint accuracy.

Researchers think dry needling might work in several ways. It may spark the brain to send pain-relieving endorphins to the trigger points. It also may spur the body to act as if the needle’s insertion is an invasion to repair, and while repairing the needle’s work, the body also repairs the trigger area.

What Happens During Dry Needling?

Your practitioner will talk to you thoroughly before a needle is anywhere in sight. You’ll discuss medical history, the problem being treated, and yes—any nervousness about needles.

The practitioner finds trigger points and inserts single-use needles. Needles might stay in place for seconds or minutes, depending on your needs. Most people report little to no pain. After the treatment, some people feel sore at the trigger points.

How much dry needling will you need? That depends on your condition and how you and your practitioner treat it. Many people feel positive results after two to four treatments. Usually used alongside practices such as massage. Integrative Family Wellness offers services that complement our dry needling.


The Mayo Clinic calls it a safe, effective technique. It is a proven treatment for joint and spinal problems, migraines, tendonitis, repetitive motion injuries, pelvic pain, and muscle tightness, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Sterile and drug-free, the recovery time after treatment is nearly zero. For dry needling in Smithtown and Suffolk County, NY, contact Integrative Family Wellness here.