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What is Moxa? What is it used for? How does it work?

Very few people have heard of the beneficial Traditional Chinese Medicine known as Moxibustion. Often shortened to Moxa, it’s a type of heat therapy that’s most commonly used with acupuncture that also helps to increase and balance the qi (chi) in your body. 

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What is moxibustion used for and how does it work?

Read on as we tell you everything you need to know about the healing therapy of moxibustion!

How Does Moxa Work

Moxa is an ancient practice that is used all around the world. It’s most commonly used in conjunction with acupuncture points. There are two types of moxibustion. It can be direct or indirect, but indirect moxa is more commonly used. The practitioner burns the moxa, which is a dried leaf substance often mugwort, on top of the acupuncture needle. If you would like moxibustion without acupuncture, the practitioner places the moxa cone on your body at the treatment point. Once you feel heat, it is removed. Some may set the burning moxa over a layer of garlic, ginger, or salt on your skin. 

Benefits of Moxibustion

Moxa may sound unusual, but it is a very useful TCM that is an excellent treatment option. It’s most commonly used to treat:

  • Hot flashes in postmenopausal women

  • Alleviate menstrual pain 

  • Arthritis and pain management 

  • Blood circulation 

  • Migraines

  • Injury recovery 

  • Boosts immunity 

  • Digestive disorders 

Moxibustion stimulated acupuncture points, increasing the power of the treatment. Overall, it builds your qi and regulates the circulation of your energy and blood. The treatment warms your channels, helping with a myriad of issues. 

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Whether you are interested in trying Moxa alone or as part of your acupuncture treatment, Integrative Family Acupuncture & Massage Therapy in Smithtown is the best clinic to go to. All of our practitioners are highly trained and experienced with TCM methodology, including acupuncture and moxibustion. 

We offer trusted moxibustion services as part of our holistic medicine treatments. We will set up an initial consultation to assess your current health and determine if moxa is right for your personalized healing plan. Learn everything you need to know about moxa and try it for yourself at our Suffolk County clinic. Contact us today to set up your consultation. omoxa cone rests on your body at the treatment point.