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What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

The tongue gives us many important clues about our health and signs of medical conditions and its importance for holistic medicine.

Our bodies can tell us a lot about our underlying health status. To assess our health, we can look closely at our skin, throat, and… tongue? 

That’s right, the tongue gives us many important clues about our health.

Western doctors and acupuncturists alike examine the tongue for an indication of overall health and for signs of medical conditions.

In this post, we explain what your tongue can say about your health and its importance for holistic medicine.

What does a healthy tongue look like?

Before you can understand what your tongue says about your health, you must know what it should look like. A typical tongue is pink with a thin white coating. The shade of the pink can vary based on the person. Additionally, the healthy tongue has papillae, or little bumps, on the top and sides. The papillae give the tongue a bit of a coarse texture.

What the Color of Your Tongue Says About Your Health

Western medicine examines primarily the color of the tongue for an indication of certain problems. The common colors and associated problems with the tongue include:

●  Black: black tongue can suggest poor oral hygiene. It is also related to some medications or tobacco use. Dark liquids, diabetes in rare cases, and HIV in some situations may also cause a back tongue.

●  White: A pale tongue with white patches can signify a fungal infection, like oral thrush. Leukoplakia is another potential issue, as well as a rash that is known as lichen planus.

●  Purple: A purple tongue can develop as a result of a heart condition or poor blood circulation.

●  Red: If the tongue is red and bumpy, it suggests vitamin B deficiency or scarlet fever. It can also turn red as a result of an allergic reaction, or because of inflammation associated with Kawasaki disease.

●  Gray: Eczema or a rare geographic tongue can produce grayish-white spots on the tongue.

●  Yellow: Bacteria growth often causes a yellow tongue. The tongue may also first turn yellow and then become black and hairy due to an overgrowth of papillae.

 Orange: In addition to the factors that make the tongue yellow, antibiotics or certain food can also turn the tongue.

●  Green: Bacteria buildup often causes a green tongue.

●  Blue: A blue tongue indicates a lack of oxygen in the blood.

Tongue Health and Acupuncture

Acupuncturists will also examine your tongue for indications of your health. They will assess the shape of your tongue as well as the color. Chinese medicine includes a map of the tongue, where issues on a certain part of the tongue may correspond with problems of a specific organ. The tongue is related to the internal organs and meridians that acupuncture is meant to address.

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