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Topical Herbal Therapy

Topical herbal therapy is an adjunct therapy for pain management. Herbal Medicine includes using parts of a plant to reduce and manage pain for a variety of different health problems.*


To schedule an appointment for topical herbal therapy, give our office in Smithtown, NY a call today at 631-708-3500.

What are Herbal Supplements?

Herbal Supplements are products made from botanicals or plants to help maintain health. This type of natural medicine can be seen as dried, chopped, capsule, powdered or as a liquid.*

Topical Herbal Therapy Session

Each herbal therapy session at our Smithtown office will be custom-made for you. During our sessions, we will place the topical herb, prescribed by your physician, over the painful, swollen area. After, our practitioner will activate the herbal therapy by using a heat lamp that can help to reduce inflammation in the affected area.*

Care Plans for Pain Management

When you come to our Smithtown office for pain management services, we will combine topical herbal therapy, acupuncture and laser therapy. Our practitioners call this the, “Acupuncture Plus Model.” While acupuncture is one of the main therapies we offer, there are many adjunct therapies that your practitioner may recommend for your wellness plan.*

We put an emphasis on providing each therapy (herbal therapy, acupuncture and laser therapy) during the same session to bring the best results for your symptoms or conditions.*

After you go through all of your therapies, we may also utilize cryotherapy afterward. This is because you may still be experiencing swelling or pain, and we can reduce this type of inflammation with a cryotherapy session.*

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