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Ultrasonic Massage

Integrative Family Wellness in Smithtown, NY offers ultrasonic massage for a variety of different conditions. Complementary to acupuncture, this type of massage therapy helps target tension in your muscles while offering you a complete form of relaxation to help you achieve your health goals.*


To get started or to learn more about our ultrasonic massage therapy, call our Smithtown office.


What Is Ultrasonic Massage?

Ultrasonic Massage is done with the world’s most powerful massager, The Thumper. This deep muscle massager is an add-on to acupuncture and is often used for managing pain. Designed specifically to release muscle tension for patients, this massager can help loosen most tense muscles, knots and trigger points that cause pain and reduce range of motion.*

Benefits of Ultrasonic Massage

The thumper massager used during ultrasonic massage is comfortable. It targets the areas of discomfort in your muscles, scar tissue, trigger points and knots that cause pain. Each massage experience can be different depending on which massage sphere is chosen, either hard or soft, and speed control can be chosen depending on the need.*

Benefits of ultrasonic massage include:

  • Targeting Soft tissue or tendon muscle problems
  • Enhancing the effects of acupuncture
  • Promoting flexibility, enhancing circulation and relaxing the nervous system
  • Improving sleeping patterns

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If you are interested in starting Ultrasonic Massage in the Long Island area, give us a call today. We’ll set up an initial consultation where we can review your current health status and help you develop a healing plan.*
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